What is the “Rare Batch Bar” and why should I care about it?

How do we keep innovating while still offering regular chocolate bars? The Rare Batch Bar is the answer.

When we decided to start producing and selling chocolate at markets we ran into a problem. We wanted to be able to offer some solid fan favorites that will always be around for our chocolate friends, but we also want to be able to innovate, experiment and develop new flavors and keep doing the things that make chocolate making so much fun.

So we developed our lineup of staple bars. Bars like Cherry + Almond + Sea Salt, Coffee and Cranberry + Hazelnut + Curry. These are characterized by there brightly colored labels and corresponding name.

But when you travel to the end of our booth you’ll find a different kind of bar called the “Rare Batch Bar.” This is where you will find our new stuff. The new beans. The new inclusions. The seasonal bars. The bars that are produced in limited quantities specially for our most die hard customers.

Many of the “Rare Batch Bars” have been so popular that we are actively working to include them in our main lineup too. Bars like our 65% Kokoa Kamili Tanzania and our 75% Ucayali Peru will soon find themselves with their own custom labels and will be available more frequently.

So next time you come visit the booth make sure to look for that Rare Batch label or ask us what’s new? We would love to share our ideas for what’s next for the Plains to Peaks Chocolate Company.