About Us

Jeff and Sunni - Owners of Plains to Peaks Chocolate Company

Plains to Peaks Chocolate Company is Jeff and Sunni. We are originally from the beautiful plains of Nebraska and now reside in picturesque Colorado. We began making chocolate in 2015. We were always unsure about common chocolate fillers, additives and emulsifiers in the chocolate we purchased. We also favor more natural sweeteners, so we began experimenting. Our first attempts used cocoa powder, cacao butter, and honey. We loved the flavor but, it just wasn’t right.

We were hooked. How can we make this better? What do we need to do to make chocolate from the bean? We poured over numerous articles, books, websites, blogs, and videos and eventually began making chocolate from cacao beans.

Coconut sugar is a staple in our pantry and was our obvious choice for sweetening our chocolate. Each tiny batch of chocolate we made was gone in no time thanks to our chocolate loving friends and family. We decided we just might be on to something and in 2017 the Plains to Peaks Chocolate Company was born.

We find that our roles in the business are very complimentary. Sunni is the mastermind of the chocolate making. She develops new flavors, dreams up thoughtful inclusion bars and sources the cacao for our chocolate. Jeff has given the business its face. Jeff is a designer by trade and a natural DIY-er. He designed all things Plains to Peaks, including the logo, packaging, promotional materials and website. He also built a vacuum former that allowed us to produce our own custom chocolate bar molds using 3D printed negatives. And while the setup is working today, he is always designing plans for something to improve the process.

Plains to Peaks is more than just making chocolate. Our cacao beans are sourced from small farms using direct trade practices. The organic coconut sugar is purchased from a Longmont company and the inclusions for the bars are sourced from local businesses and farms. Combining fine cacao from farmers across the world with goods from local farmers and small business owners is a thing of beauty. We create craft chocolate using sourcing practices that support ethical and sustainable cacao production as well as local economic and agricultural development.